Ultimate guide for SS19 Fashion Trends

Your Ultimate guide to the biggest SS19 fashion trends and, more importantly how to wear them.


"Beige is such a classic, timeless shade and a great neutral to start your outfit with. If you’re wearing it head to toe it can feel a bit safe, though, so layer it with a lot of accessories , a fun pair of glasses, a pair of sneakers or a colorful pair of sandals – something that makes it modern and brings it to life."


“If you love Scarfs then this is the perfect time to get the perfect vintage look, vintage feel of  scarf prints and the way they immediately make people look chic. They’re so impactful if you wear them head to toe – just make sure you keep your silhouette simple."


“Always Remember to go for a good pair of shorts. Fill your wardrobe With different colors of shorts in summer.

Right choice of shorts:

  • For the girls who are short in height should wear high waisted and a short length shorts as it gives your legs elongated look . 
  • For the girls those who have a proper perfect height can go for normal or mid waist shorts as it won't make much difference.
  • I personally don't suggest to any one to go for low waist shorts as it have to be hitched again and legs seem to appear shorter.
  • If a person have belly fats then surely she can't wear it without a tummy tucker.
  • If its tight then it works but if its loose then you need to wear a belt, without with its going slight down and it looks very in-descent too.


“Any better color then White in Summer? Naaah.. We wear white, black and denim ; that’s basically our uniform. But white for summer is perfect, especially a dress like this that’s so minimal: it’s easy to wear and makes you look very naturally bronzed. It’s the kind of super-chic piece that you’ll wear for years to come.”


“Keep it simple but yet elegant. Color on color is the on-going trend. You can enhance your simple looking garment with colorful accessories and even you can compliment it with a different color of handbag Or a sling bag.
Remember to choose the right color as per your body type, avoid light colors If you are healthy. Choosing right color will give you the right mood and boost up your confidence. Try to wear with sandals , while choosing the right sandals, see the shape of pants or trouser you will be wearing. If they're cropped nd narrow, they tends to look better with a heel.”


“Tie-dye is something that you should experiment this summer. Choosing the right bottom for tie-dye top is quite difficult, you may go wrong while choosing the bottom quickly so it's better to keep it simple. Adding a simple cross body bag is cool. For bottom you can choose a wide-legged jeans and you can also tuck into a high-waisted skirt.”

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